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Ould Colony Artisans ~

Custom Hand-painted Historic, Decorative, Heraldic Signs

About our custom-made signs:
Whether you are an individual looking forward to identifying your property for either historical or decorative use, or an historic association interested in a marker program for your community, Ould Colony Artisans can help with your signage decisions. Since 1987, Bob and Judi Leonard have been painting signs and coats of arms with their unique artistic approach; producing signs ranging from the truly authentic to the most fanciful designs. 

Our website features 5 categories of products: decorative signs, historic signs, tavern-style signs, commercial/historic site signs, and heraldic coats of arms. Examples of our work shown in these different categories give an idea of the variety of shapes, colours, lettering styles, etc. we can offer.

• History of Ould Colony Artisans

Sign Materials:

• Sign board: Since most signs are placed outdoors, we use ½" or ¾" MDO (Medium density overlay, which is the sign industry's material of choice). We also use pine boards. Our coats of arms are painted on pine plaques with molded edges.
• Paints: Highest quality oil-based primer and top coat enamel in a great variety of colours to satisfy the needs of your specific project.
• Hardware: For signage to be mounted on buildings, 1½" stainless steel screws with painted heads are provided. Otherwise, brackets with the appropriate hardware are made available.

Sign copy: 
We offer great flexibility regarding lettering styles, number of lines and images. After discussing your project, if desired, we can submit a proposal for your approval.

Our products are reasonably priced and are based on size, images, and any other particular design requirements. The price for a basic sign is $45- $65, depending on size. For more elaborate signage, we will gladly provide a free quote. Heraldic artwork is in the $100-$200 price range.


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 If you have a sign question or you would like to order a sign similar to one you see on this website, 
please contact Bob Leonard at:

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73 Devonshire Street, Providence, R.I. 02908
Hours: Monday through Saturday 9-5, closed Sunday or by appointment

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