Ould Colony Artisans Sign Pricing List - 


Sign Size Price range*
Size A Sign 8" x 12" $45.00 - $75.00
Size B Sign 12" x 16" $55.00 - $100.00
Size C Sign 16" x 24" $65.00 - $200.00
Larger sizes Larger than
16" x 24"
$75.00 - $500.00
* Price range accounts for individual details such as shaping, artwork, hardware, double-sided, etc.
COATS OF ARMS (all research is free of charge) Shield Size 
Arms of Individuality (complete Arms)
12" high x 9" wide $100.00
Arms of Individuality (complete Arms)
14" high x 11" wide $125.00
Arms of Individuality printout (if not provided) — Additional charge**  $20.00
Arms of Marital Alliance (Complete quartered Arms) 14" high x 11" wide $150.00
Arms of Marital Alliance printout - 2 graphics (if not provided) — Additional charge** $35.00

Complete design of the Coats of Arms for Individual and Marital plaques includes the following design elements:
* When a crest is available, it is situated on the top of the helmet.

**The additional charge on our Arms of Individuality/Arms of Marital Alliance is for a printout from Wales of the artwork we need to create an authentic Coats of Arms. All research is free of charge. Also, if you provide your own artwork, there is no additional charge.

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